神農子英語 (61)

    ‘我的看法’是in my view (= in my opinion). ‘他們的看法’是in their views.(= in their opinions) ‘他的看法是救濟南亞海嘯災民的事應該整合’In his view, the aid to the tsunami victims in the southern Asia should be integrated.
    ‘鑑於、考慮到’是in view of (= in light of, in the light of, in consideration of, considering, with a view to ---ing, in anticipation of). ‘有鑑於彼此仇視,, 兩國開始動員’In view of their hostile relations, both countries started mobilizing. ‘台灣藥師考慮進軍美國者應開始存錢’Pharmacists in Taiwan should start saving money with a view to becoming a licensed pharmacist in the U.S..
    In light of = in the light of = in view of = with a view to (doing something), 已如上述, 舉例如下: ‘有鑑於最新的發展, 我們延遲開會’In light of the latest development, we have postponed our meeting. (= in view of) ‘考慮到天氣預報, 我們取消戶外活動’In the light of the weather forecast, we have cancelled the outdoor activity. (= in consideration of) ‘有鑑於他做了額外工作, 老闆給他紅包’The boss gave him a bonus in view of his extra work he had done.
    ‘一般言之’是in general. (= generally) ‘特別是’是in particular. (= particularly, especially)  ‘原則上’是in principle. (= fundamentally, basically, in essence)  ‘細節上’是in detail.
    In gneral和in particular是相反詞, In principle重大原則不計細節, 而in detail則重細節. ‘太多細節’是too much detail. ‘所有細節’是in all details. 
    ‘女生一般言之較早熟’Girls in general mature at a younger age. (= as a whole, in the main, at large) ‘凡小說我都喜歡’I am interested in novels in general. ‘新加坡天氣整年都熱’It is hot in general throughout the year in Singapore. ‘我們原則上同意此案, 但有些細節有待變更’We agree to the project in principle, but we will change some details. (= in general) ‘這主意大致可接受’The idea is acceptable in principle. (= in general)
    In principle的第2層意思是‘按理’(= according to what is supposed to be true but not proved). ‘按理人類有一天可旅行到其他星球’ In principle man should one day be able to travel to other stars.
    第3層意思是‘按規定’ (= according to the rule), ‘按規定我們5點下班, 但身為老闆我常待得晚些’In principle the office closes at 5 o’clock but I as the owner often stay later.
    ‘理論上’是in theory. (= theoretically) ‘實際上’是in reality, in truth, in fact, in practice. ‘論理人類應可到其他星球旅行’In theory man should be able to travel to other stars. (=theoretically, in principle)
    ‘回報’和‘報復’都是in return. ‘回覆’是in reply. ‘她送我手錶當情人節禮物, 我則送她香水回報’She gave me a watch as a valentine present and I gave her perfume in return. ‘此人對我甚為無禮< 我則吼他以為報復’ This person was quite rude to me and I shouted at him in return. ‘他寫給我一封長信, 但我只能以短短的email回覆’He wrote me a long letter but I could only send him a short email note in reply.
    ‘久而久之’是in the long run (= in the end, after enough time), ‘短期內’是in the short run, 這2個片語是相反詞o ‘勤奮學講英語久而久之., 必能講一口好英語’If you practice speaking English hard enough, you will gain proficiency in the spoken English in the long run. ‘學講英語在短期內難有顯著成績’It is rather hard to achieve significant improvement in the spoken English in the short run.
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