NAPLEX:  US$2,700 for 4 years of instruction
  (If you need FPGEE, FPGEE will be included in
   the review course free-of-charge. About 80% to 90%
   of review handouts for FPGEE and NAPLEX are
         The fee to be paid in US currency is subject to
   adjustment at the discretion of the author according
   to the change in  the NT$/US$ exchange rate.

*All handouts of the review course are sent to the
  students over a period of approximately one year or 

*New handouts, supplements, or revisions, if any, are
  sent to the students when they become available
  before the effective period ends.

*All the handouts are restricted to the student's
  personal use only. Reproduction of the handouts by
  any means and/or transfer of the handouts or the
  content of the handout pages in any manner for use by
   other person(s) are prohibited by law.

*All students are required to register with the
  author. A potential student may contact the author for
  the registration form.

*Each student is given a study guide. The study
  guide indicates what books he/she must purchase to
  facilitate the self-study process and pass the

*FPGEE scores earned by our previous candidates: 1st
  place: 141 (a lady), 2nd: 132 (a gentleman), 3rd : 126
  (a lady), 4th :121 (a gentleman), 5th: 119 (a lady),
  6th: 117 (a  lady).

*Numerous previous students of  Dr Hsu's class are
  now practicing as a pharmacist throughout the U.S.
  and Canada.

*The fee paid by the student is not refundable if he or
  she withdraws from the class after joining the class. 
  Therefore, please be certain that you are determined 
  to study with Dr. Hsu and get his help.

*Dr. Hsu will treat his class members like his friends
  and assist them in any possible ways he can.