Robert Hsu, Ph.D. (Neuroscience/Pharmacology)
R.Ph. (Pharmacist-In-Charge, California)

Dr. Hsu is one of the few healthcare professionals who have a wide range of experience in teaching clinical pharmacy, medical pharmacology and therapeutics, conducting research in neuroscience and pharmacology, practicing pharmacy in the institutional and community settings, and writing original research papers and the review course material for the North America pharmacist licensure examination.

Dr Hsu's 24 years of experience in teaching clinical pharmacy and basic sciences, and in pharmacy practice have made him an excellent instructor to help any one who is seeking a pharmacist license in the US and Canada pass the pharmacist licensure examination.

Dr.Hsu's brief CV:

Ph.D. (Neuroscience/Pharmacology), Ole Miss, University,
B.S. (Pharmacy), National Taiwan Univ. Taipei, Taiwan

Professional License:

R.Ph. California

Current Employment:
PIC, Medical Clinic Pharmacy, Los Angeles, California

Pharmacist Experiences:
Author of North America Pharmacist licensure examination
    integrated pharmacy review course since 1984 (1st year FPGEE
    was made available in the U.S.)
Staff Pharmacist, Walgreen Pharmacy, California
Director, Clinical Pharmacy Training Program, CG University
    Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan
President, Ilan Pharmacist Association, Ilan County, Taiwan
Recipient, Special Contribution Award from National Pharmacist
    Association, Taipei, Taiwan

Academic Experiences:
Chairman and Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology, Chang Gung
    University, College of Medicine, Taipei, Taiwan
Associate Professor, Neuroscience and Clinical Pharmacy,
    National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
Research Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physiology, School of
    Medicine, UCSF, San Francisco, California
Senior Neuroscientist, Loyola Stritch School of Medicine,
    Chicago, Illinois
Instructor, Dept of Pharmacology, School of Medicine, SUNY,
    Buffalo, New York
Research Associate, Dept. of Pharmacology, College of Pharmacy,
    OSU, Columbus, OHIO

Other Experience:
Referee, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, School of Pharmacy,
    Univ. of Minnesota

Original research: Omitted
Academic teaching material:
    Applied Clinical Pharmacokinetics: Dosage Regimen Calculations
Health management books:
    Comprehensive Health Management: Tips for Staying Young
    Weight Loss DIY
    The Modern Nutritional Traps: Potential Dietary Adverse

    Herbal Supplements Guide
    Human Sexuality: Search for Life