Dr. Hsu's Pharmacy Formulary

                     Robert Hsu

Dr. Hsu's Pharmacy Formulary is the pharmacy review material that I have written and given to all students in my FPGEE/NAPLEX/Jurisprudence exam class. The FPGEE candidates and the licensure examination candidates are studying the identical Dr. Hsu? Pharmacy Formulary ( see below for reason).

The Formulary combines pharmacy law, pharmacy practice and pharmacotherapy in one place so that the candidate is able to review all aspects of current pharmacy practice in the U.S. and possess a comprehensive knowledge of medications for disease management.

The Formulary reviews all medicastions PRESCRIBED by physicians in the current practice of medicine in the U.S. I must emphasize that not all medications presented in the pharmacology books are prescribed by the American physicians.

All FPGEE/Licensure Exam candidates must know what medications are currently prescribed by the physicians in the U.S. and study them well. Spending much time on drugs that are not prescribed in the U.S. is simply wasting time.

The drug products prescribed in the U.S. are often very much different from those used in Taiwan, China and many other foreign countries. Many medications being used in the U.S are not available in Taiwan and vice versa. Knowing what to study is critical for FPGEE and licensure exam.

I have been practicing as a Californian pharmacist in a medical clinic pharmacy at Los Angeles for more than 2 years. My position is the pharmacist-in-charge (PIC) which means that I am the manager of the pharmacy in charge of all pharmacy activities.

This position has given me an excellent opportunity to write the Dr. Hsu?
Pharmacy Formulary for use by my students in the FPGEE/Licensure Exam class.

The test questions of the FPGEE are mainly made up of pharmacotherapy and related subjects. A higher score of FPGEE that a candidate can get simply means he or she knows better about current pharmacotherapy concepts, pharmacy law and pharmacy practice in the U.S. Such a candidate will certainly pass the licensure exam of any one of the 50 states at his or her first attempt.

Those who barely pass the FPGEE do not know pharmacotherapy, pharmacy law and pharmacy practice well enough. They will have less chance of passing the licensure exam at a single attempt.

I let the FPGEE and licensure exam candidates in my class study the identical Dr Hsu's Pharmacy Formulary just for one good reason: They will have time to study the content as many times as they need and become very well familiar with it. The knowledge they acquire through studying the Formulary not only helps them pass all exams and get licensed but also helps them practice as a pharmacist.

Simply put, the Dr Hsu's Pharmacy Formulary is a very useful and powerful tool for both the candidates of FPGEE and licensure exam and the practicing pharmacists in any state of America.