A Letter to My Class Members

                              Robert Hsu

How are you guys out there in Taiwan and the U.S.?

I hope you have remained calm and persistent in the things you are doing now: Preparing for all kinds of exams and try hard enough to pass them no matter when you will !

Yes, that is the right thing you ought to do. Simply do not get intimidated by the recent stringent qualification requirements for California's pharmacy intern and pharmacy technician application.

A foreign pharmacy graduate must come to California to receive a formal PT course and practical training and pass the PT exam before he or she is issued a PT certificate by the Board of Pharmacy.

However, a foreign pharmacy graduate who qualifies for the pharmacist licensure exam in California is eligible for the application for the PT certificate.

The candidate must pass TSE and FPGEE within a period of 2 years to receive an Equivalency Certificate (EC) from the NABP. The EC plus the completion of at least 1000 hours of internship in California will make the candidate eligible for an application for a PT certificate and the pharmacist licensure exam.

Therefore, the critical step toward the success in getting a PT certificate or sitting for licensure exam remains to be TSE for the candidates from Taiwan and China.

As long as you are highly motivated, firmly determined and undoubtedly persistent, you will have a chance to get my help in your preparation for TSE.

After I finish writing the Dr Hsu's Pharmacy Formulary for all of you, I will start writing TSE Manual and give it to you all free of charge. All you need to do is to hang on long enough so as to get my free help.

Your state of mind will determine what you will be.