May 13, 2006 (Sat)

ROC's Clinical Pharmacy education無法取代US's PharmD education


就clinical science層面言之, 2地的graduate school's clinical pharmacy education當然一樣, research methodology類似, ROC也有Clinical Pharmacy Journal刊登research articles, 但US's Clinical journals的學術要求較高較嚴o

    但美國undergraduate PharmD education和graduate school education不同, It is aimed at providing students with skills to practice the science of clinical pharmacy. 而且undergraduate PharmD degree entitles a graduate to sitting for pharmacist licensure exam.

    簡言之, US's undergraduate PharmD education是培訓藥師人力, 培訓Clinical pharmacy practitioners, 不是培訓Clinical pharmacy scientists.

    美國除了undergraduate PharmD program之外, 還有其他PharmD
education programs, ROC人到美國讀PharmD degree,應先弄清楚這種
PharmD program畢業能否考NAPLEX. 若不能考, 那自己還要讀

    就Pharmacy practice而言, 這是醫藥文化, 2地完全不同. US's pharmacy practice is shaped by Federal law, FDA regulations, state law, US healthcare delivery system, Federal health plans, commercial health plans, institutional drug formularies, pharmacist prescribing protocols, and medication products available on market, etc. 這些因素規範了US clinical pharmacy practice. 這是美國的醫藥文化o

    ROC的醫藥文化裡沒有這些東西, ROC人在台灣學不到這些東西. 

*美國PhD能當Resident? Pharmacist?

    一般言之, PhD. education是graduate school programs, 旨在培訓research scientist for innovation, 不能拿這個degree來考

    要當US pharmacy resident, 必須先有US pharmacist license, 若PhD holders經由其他途徑考到pharmacist license, 當然可申請
resident training program.
*Income tax comparison:

US Federal income tax rate, the year of 2005:
   Annual income  US$100,000/year:
       Single  income tax = US$22,500 (tax rate 22.5%)
       Married filing jointly  Income tax = US$18,324 (tax rate
   ROC income tax rate , the year of 2005: You find it out by

*Cost of living comparison:

Food           USA < ROC
Clothes         USA < ROC
Housing        USA = ROC
Cars           USA < ROC
Gasoline       USA < ROC
Labor         USA > ROC
Healthcare     USA > ROC
University      USA > ROC
High school     USA free

一個healthy person生活在USA的cost of living顯然較在ROC為低o