Welcome Party for New Students

                          Robert Hsu

A lunch party will be given for my Los Angeles class to welcome some new and very young students from Taiwan who have just joined the LA class recently.

These students were graduated from pharmacy schools in Taiwan a few years ago and came to California with ambitions, dreams and energy  that only young people  possess.  They are my FPGEE students but they are studying the same pharmacy review handout material I have written for licensure exam students.

All my LA class members will receive a free lunch at Ten-Ren Tea House somewhere in southern California one hour prior to the start of the Sunday pharmacy review lecture.

I have been writting a new Dr Hsu's Pharmacy Formulary and have given it to every student in my LA and internet class. The Formulary presents everything about the current practice of pharmacy in the U.S. that a candidate must be familiar with in preparation for FPGEE and licensure exam.

The lunch party is for all of the LA students and not just for the new ones. Any person who shows up late on the coming Sunday will miss the free lunch.

I am asking  each of the LA class members  to communicate this lunch party news to any other members just in case they miss this one.   

I look forward to seening you all on time next Sunday. The popular PB milk tea will be served.

Keep smiling! Life is not so harsh as you might think.