加州藥師公會(California Pharmacists Association)原文:                          

加州現職藥局局長        許松勇 提供

New California licensure exam:

Part 1.   NAPLEX
Part II.  California Jurisprudence Exam

加州新制NAPLEX/California Jurisprudence Exam
  Both are administered by NABP
  Effective January 1, 2004


California Naplex Update

he following excerpts are reprinted with permission from the California Pharmacists Association. September 22, 2003.

SB361, which is expected to be signed by Governor Davis (神農子註: 加州州長已簽署成為加州法律, 2004年元月一日生效), includes a provision to revise the licensure examination process. Replacing the existing California exam will be a two part exam, part 1 is the NAPLEX; part 2 is a unique California jurisprudence exam. Under the bill, anyone taking the NAPLEX after Jan. 1, 2004 can use the results of that test to satisfy part 1 of the new examination requirements. They will still have to take part 2, which, under the bill, is required to contain certain components, including a test of communications skills and application of knowledge to clinical situations in addition to testing knowledge of California and federal pharmacy law.

This bill does NOT allow reciprocity, which we take to mean recognition of licensure in one state (e.g., Georgia) as a basis for licensure in California. All applicants for licensure in California are required to meet the examination requirements above. To clarify, if someone takes the NAPLEX in Jan. 2004 in Georgia, the results can be used to meet that portion of the California requirement; if that person took the NAPLEX in 1999, they will have to take it again after Jan. 1, 2004 for the results to be used in California. This is significant because the NAPLEX is being revised and the "new" version will be more challenging than the old. In any case, an applicant will still need to take part 2 of the exam, which is written by the California Board but will be administered by NABP.

October 2003



  *新制NAPLEX實施後, 全美國50州都採用新制NAPLEX的成績,
     但加州仍然不承認其他各州的藥師執照, 英文是no reciprocity.
     其他各州藥師都要通過加州part II考試後才能取得加州藥師執照,  

   神農子註: 許多台灣藥師若只會讀考古題, 或只喜歡讀考古題,
    不求整體學理之理解,  必定摃龜, 屢戰屢敗, 信不信由你!!!